Nice things people have said about us!


'Lee, a massive thank you for the work you have undertaken with Maddi, we have watched her grow in confidence since starting Shine.'


Laura, Damien & Maddison Kent, February 2016



'Hi Lee, thanks for using Jam on Top (recording studio session). It was great to see so many young people focused, they certainly do get a lot from Shine! Take care, Tracy, Kurt & Brian'


Jam on Top, September 2015


'Dear Lee, The Haworth Bandstand Committee would like to thank you for participating in our grand opening event on Sunday June 22. Your input was highly valued and hugely enjoyed by the attending crowds.  We know this by the number of people who approached us both on the day and since expressing their enjoyment of your performance and the day in general. We hope that your exposure on our great new venue was an experience to remember. Thank you again Gill, Freda, Lynda, James, Jill and Alan. '


The Committee, August 2014


'I'd just like to say that joining Songbirds has given Harry so much more confidence and we were delighted with the end performance. I could not have ever imagined him singing on his own in front of all those people and that is absolute testimony to the work you're doing. In the space of about six weeks, he has gone from a child who was really worried and even upset to go, to now saying he's going to miss going to Songbirds in the summer holidays!'


Amanda Taylor, July 2013

'I can honestly say that Megan has really enjoyed the sessions and really looks forward to coming and we have noticed how much more she sings around the house.  Also the tuck shop idea is great because it gives them a sense of independence being able to buy their own snack.'


Louisa Mayor, August 2013